UGC Network: How to Leverage User Generated Content in Your Marketing

Not having enough time to create engaging content is a big hurdle for 60% of marketers. But using something like a user generated content network (UGC network) can streamline your content creation processes while giving you time to both market your services and give your customers as much care as possible.
What Is a UGC Network?

A UGC network is a website, forum, social media group, or anywhere on the internet where users get together and share the content they?ve created. This content can either be original works, fan art, or works developed for specific content creation contests.

Beyond allowing businesses and brands to get free content, user generated content also creates brand advocacy in the users who?s work you choose to highlight. Professional sports teams use this tactic all the time by trading content that displays someone?s fandom for t-shirts or game tickets. The Dallas Mavericks gave their fans a chance to design official jerseys for the team?and they even wore them in a game! Of course, after a whole professional NBA team wore your jersey you?re going to be a fan of theirs for life.

But if you don?t have a strong enough brand to leverage content creation contests, you can still employ a UGC network for your content marketing. We do it all the time.

We don?t employ a full-time professional photographer on our staff (yet!) but we still want to fill our blog posts with beautiful imagery that conveys the ideas found in the text. So, we utilize a couple of user generated content networks, namely Unsplash and Flickr. Both allow for the commercial, royalty-free use of their images in exchange for proper attribution.