How to Create a B2B Twitter Marketing Strategy Without Being Funny

Anna Kendrick was a keynote speaker at last year?s INBOUND conference. She?s was a natural fit as a celebrity that?s grown her Twitter following by translating the wit and charm she displays on screen to the social media platform. Her personality even shines in her location on her profile?Kendrick lists herself as ?probably by the food.? But what if you?re not funny? Do you have any hope of amassing a significant Twitter audience?

The answer is no.

Just kidding! The answer is, of course, yes, or I wouldn?t be writing this blog post. After all, depending on your industry, humor may not be an appropriate tool to wield. I?m not saying that a staff that works in a funeral home can?t be funny, but what I am saying is the funeral home?s potential customers probably aren?t looking for the morticians with the cleverest humdingers.

So, here are three steps to follow for putting together a B2B Twitter marketing plan, even if you?re not funny.

because you can?t appeal to someone?s sense of humor doesn?t mean you can?t appeal to them in other ways. People love to follow things they relate to, and there?s nothing better to relate to than your hometown. I, personally, still follow the Facebook account of the Miami New Times even though I haven?t lived in Miami for over 9 years.

What you can do is find local events and new stories to talk about on Twitter. If there?s a community event raising awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, lend your support with a tweet. Or, if it?s a particularly sunny day, comment about how beautiful the weather is on your way into the office.