Brand Storytelling: How to Turn Customers Into Advocates

Every day, we share our personal stories with our family and friends, and they share right back. These stories draw us closer to our loved ones and make us feel like we?re part of something greater than ourselves. Now, what if I was to say you could tell the story of your brand to create those same connections with your customers?

Well, you can. Brand storytelling allows your organisation, whether it be a non-profit or a business, to create a bond with your audience that keeps them invested in everything that happens involving your brand. We see this every day?we read news reports about companies, check their performances on the market, and even align ourselves with certain products over others.

Need proof? Look at how insane people get when discussing their favorite platform to play video games on. Even though both PCs and consoles do the exact same thing, people have allegiances to one over the other based around their relationship to the product.

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Essentially, they?ve inserted themselves into the story of the product, and by virtue, the brand. This is brand storytelling at its most powerful because the audience believes the product is part of their own story.