Black Hat SEO: How to Spot a Scammer

Recently, a friend told me about a fantastic opportunity she received for making money doing freelance SEO copywriting. After over a week of writing reviews for doctors, blenders, and power tools, she was to be paid well over $600. But when she tried to collect, she received no answer from the employer. The SEO agency was a scam.

This kind of black hat SEO agency and consultant exists all over the internet. They use underhanded tactics to deliver you a high number of backlinks at a cheap price and convince you that they?re following best practices. But before you know it, your site has a hundred Google penalties against it and your ranking position drops faster than it ever rose.

So, to prevent the ongoing proliferation of black hat SEO methods, and scam businesses taking advantage of freelancers, here are five warning signs that you?re dealing with an SEO scam artist.

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